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engine sounds

  1. runzavion

    F1 2013 [Question] How to replace correctly engine's sounds?

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I have a question about modding I wanted to replace a v6 engine to Marussia, and I used EGO File Converter to edit carsetups.xml in audio folder. I rename the Marussia engine bundle with the v6 engine. It works and the game didn't crash, but when I tested the car...
  2. AndryX

    F1 2018 Is it possible to change engine sounds?

    I want to change the engine sounds to get realistic ones, is it possible?
  3. M

    Modification of engine sounds Fmod

    Cant seem to find a simple solution to raising when the engine limiter sound trigger. I.E. my 13bt_3_revlim_EQ sound file plays couple hundred rpms short (8400rpm) of the engine limiter (8700rpm). Searching yields no similar results. Only tutorials for idiot demographic. somebody please...
  4. FJBH10

    F1 2017 Engine Variety Mod 1.0

    This mod aims to add some variety to the on-track engine sounds. Now you can enjoy a bit of a change when you are chasing & driving different cars. I know this doesn't really make sense in terms of realism but I really enjoy hearing the different engine sounds through the race and I hope you...