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engine sound mod

  1. DoBrowOolny

    McLaren Mercedes Engine Sound 1.0

    About: This mod replaces Renault engine sound to Mercedes engine sound in McLaren car. Installation: This is manual installation. To work first you need Ego Erp Archiver - https://p2t5r.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver. After extracting the files you need to open Ego Erp Archiver and open the...
  2. K

    Mercedes Engine sound/noise for McLaren 1.0.0

    This is a mod intended to add realism to the F1 2021 Mod done by LucasDesigns'. All it does is changes McLarens Engine sound from the Renault Engine to the Mercedes Engine. 2021 Season mod link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/lucasdesigns-2021-season-mod.38941/ I could not find this...
  3. HeskeyBoy21

    Misc v6T 18k & 15k Revs Sound Mod

    HeskeyBoy21 submitted a new resource: v6T 18k & 15k Revs Sound Mod - Simulates the sounds of the current V6T Engines pushing to 18k/15k Revs. Read more about this resource...
  4. M

    My Summer Car Engine Sound Mod v1.1

    Installation: The mod is now way easier to install just copy paste to mods folder, thanks to BrennFuchS for making it a Plugin. Also the mod seems not to work perfecly with turbo mod, the acceleration of the car has the standard sound the other sounds work.