1. Nikolaki07

    Monster Energy Racing | Aston Martin AMR V8 Vantage GT3 1.4

    This is my first Skin, message me for tips and tricks or if something isnt working. Enjoy!
  2. Lucian Paine

    EnergieQuelle - SimRacing - Porsche 911 GT3 R 991.2 Endurance 1.0

    more gallery here
  3. Psykoface

    Rockstar Energy McLaren 720s 1.0

  4. arkloh

    Mclaren Monster Energy Team 1.0

  5. Viktoren69

    Powerade Continental Mercedes 190 Evo II 2020-07-05

    Included there are the Photoshop PSD Files to let you change and customize the racing number. Save then the DDS into the skin folder. Feel free to edit both the SKIN.INI (suits/helmets for pit crew and driver) and the UI_SKIN.JSON (Skin name, Your name, Country, Race Number) Donations are...
  6. PantaGorian

    Citroen DS3 RX Gymkhana 2019-03-12

    My version of a Citroen, Gymkhana style. Color palette is black and purple. Cartoon style and my own signature logo, PANTA. ( Like on all my previous and future designs ) Hope you like it! Please rate if you like it and downloaded it. The rates will make me want to do more cars. So I...
  7. CivElox

    BMW Touring Car - Monster Energy 1.0

    Hi Guys, today i will show you my BMW 320 TC skin. its just an fictional design, i hope u enjoy it :laugh: you can tell me if you find some bugs and i will fix it So I hope you enjoy it^^ _______________________________________________________ Hallo, heute will ich euch meine BMW 320 Touring...
  8. pablotill

    HAAS Rich Energy Team 2019 (Fantasy) 2018-10-30 Suit

    This mod doesn't work online Hi everyone :cool: From an idea of requests thread, i did a new Haas team with the new main partner, Rich Energy. Its a fantasy skin. Hope you like it. If you like, please rate :p Constructive ideas will be welcome.
  9. Pauli Ahonen

    S397 Porsche 991 RSR Monster Energy 0.9 2018-08-07

    It has very minimal sponsor stickers and no race number, so you can slap your own in it. Shared as a MAS-file, includes car body, windowsout, windshieldin textures. Install by extracting contents into your rFactor 2 installation folder. Select car Porsche 991RSR GTE Monster Energy. Keep warming...