eec endurance series

  1. D

    AMS1 thin on prototypes

    After watching Daytona I wanted to build an IMSA or WEC multi-class package for AMS1 to play with. What a pain! There's plenty of stuff "out there" but getting anything to work proved more challenging. Trebie did an awesome Oreca 07. It's no longer available, but the Assetto Corsa mods are...
  2. Nick9320

    2018 Bathurst 12 Hour — Laser Racing BMW Team SRM — #44c 2018-02-09

    Hello everyone! :) This is a fantasy livery for the BMW M6 GTE car from EEC Endurance Series mod. That livery was on BMW M4 GT4 car of Laser Racing BMW Team SRM at the 2018 Bathurst 12 Hour race. Install: just unzip this in your Automobilista folder Clear spaces on the car sides is for...