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  1. juicter6000

    CLOVERLEAF☘️ 1.0

  2. juicter6000

    DRIFT@♥ 0.8

  3. juicter6000

    SLIP&SLIDE 0.9 (charlie build)

    Simple and fun for every one, this is a small part of a mega park i'm making. and a small gymkhana section.
  4. jose46

    BoxerCup 3D Template Photoshop 1.0

    Hey, guys. Again a little help to make skins easier. Thank you.
  5. M

    MSC Starter Pack save 2017-11-26

    This is my summer car starter save! Tell me if the save does not work! I try to fix it for the next time! This save includes 50000 marks of money and Satsuma with subwoofer panel. On the garage shells are some parts for the car. The van is littlebit broken but still driveable! This is my first...
  6. Insert Coin

    Easy DIY wind simulator for Assetto Corsa

    Do you want to feel the wind blowing when you drive your open wheeler in Assetto Corsa? Now you can! In short: ACFan sends speed of car in AC to Arduino Uno R3, which controls PWM fan(s). No PWM whine. Hardly any CPU load. Scythe GlideStream 120 PWM SC (silent) Delta AFB1212SH fans (more...