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eastern creek

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    Rain FX ini for Eastern Creek 0.8

    Eastern Creek 2014 (ver3.5) by Rainmaker. (I think) Don't overwrite file if already exist. (assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded) Just Copy and Paste Lines into exist ini file, or some sort of. (my English is so bad) If you have performance problem or (maybe) unreal look like. Just...
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    Eastern Creek Circuit - TV Replay Cameras (+ more) 2020-07-20

    Extract compressed file to Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa. Note: consider renaming/backing up before overwriting your files... example - renaming camera files: rename to cameras_X.ini and so forth (X represents the camera number). File contains: - 5 replay cameras (x3 race-mode cams) -...