1. A

    Lenovo Ducati Short Fork Wing 1.0

    Only for the Lenovo Ducati, doesn't include Pramac Ducati Note : The wing actually attached to the fork and move with the handlebar like in real life In Game Footage :
  2. Zacky akbar

    Ducati Lenovo Valencia Test 1.0

    The livery replaces the carbon test livery ( Check it out in Livery Test )
  3. thomyeet

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 | Ducati Pramac Prima Skin 1.0

    MotoGP Ducati Pramac Team concept livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 S Credits Car mod: https://racesimstudio.sellfy.store/p/fh22/
  4. Jackal-88

    DUCATI LENOVO F1 TEAM [Semi Modular Mods] 1.0

    Hi Guys, I'm still here. Would you like to see Ducati in Formula 1? So this is my full team version of the Ducati Lenovo F1 Team. To use this mod you need Semi Modular Mods of @ParkYongLee Would you like to follow me on instagram? CLIC HERE CREDITS: In this mod there is a...
  5. L

    Ducati F1 1.1.0

    For all our MotoGP Lovers here is the Ducati F1 Team Based on the 2020 MotoGP Livery of Ducati Roadmap for this Mod... Livery✅ Badge✅ Helmet: ✅ Custom Number: ✅ Suit and Gloves: ? Garage, crew, etc: ? Face swap: ? Modular Mods: ?
  6. Ducati Corse #63 Pecco || ACC Custom Livery

    Ducati Corse #63 Pecco || ACC Custom Livery

    After being close for so many years, Ducati (by means of #63 rider Pecco Bagnaia) finally clinched both titles in MotoGP in 2022. To commemorate, I made a cu...
  7. FelixR1991

    Ducati Corse '22 #63 Pecco WDC 1.0

    2009. 2007. 1972. Respectively, the last times an Italian rider won the MotoGP title, when Ducati last won the MotoGP title, and when an Italian rider won the title on an Italian bike. To celebrate this fact, I made this tribute livery to Francesco "Pecco" Bagnaia and Ducati Corse! Read more in...
  8. DoughertyJames

    Aruba I.T Ducati Wildcard Desmosedici GP22 1.0

    Hello, My next mod for MotoGP 22 is here! This time it is the Aruba I.T Ducati Team for Custom Rider, replacing the Ducati Lenovo Factory Team. I have so far done the Aruba livery for the Alpinestars suit, but may do the Dainese one if asked/this mod gets a lot of downloads I hope you enjoy...
  9. D

    2021 Ducati MotoGP Livery for Audi GT3 1.0

    Decided to make Ducati's MotoGP livery in ACC. Let me know your thoughts and more livery ideas you want to see.
  10. Theodoras

    VR46 Racing Team Jerez Test livery. 1.0

  11. Theodoras

    Mission Winnow Ducati Livery & Suit for custom rider 1.1

    Mission Winnow Ducati is now back in Carreer mode. Included with Dovi's French Livery and suits. Credit: - Custom Dainese suit for custom rider : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/custom-rider-dainese-pack.42717/
  12. 86ayayay

    3D Model Update by Gilang Aditia 1.0

    All updates modelled by gilangadit7, I just did some UV remapping & importing. This mod contains: Ducati Desmosedici GP21 Brake disc cover Honda RC213V New Aero & Brake disc cover Yamaha YZR-M1 Brake disc cover, for both 2021 and 2019 M1 Suzuki GSX-RR Aero & Front fairing update and brake disc...
  13. arkloh

    Lamborghini Gt3 EVO - Ducati motogp 1.0

  14. kawa4saki

    Shell V-Power Factory Ducati 2020-04-27

    ( short video from the mod ) This livery mod, replaces the standard Ducati Factory livery. I've painted the liveries for Dovizioso, Petrucci, and for the player ( both Dainese and Alpinestar suits ) When it's raining or there is a lot of shadow on the track, the white colour would be grey...
  15. kawa4saki

    MGP20 Gonna create this skin for motogp20 ducati factory ( if people loves to see this )

    Hello all, i'm currently looking for a nice skin for the factory ducati team, and i've found this picture wich in my opinion looks pretty sweet. After a long long time, i might considering trying to create skins sometime again, because my health is getting better in shape luckily. But i'm just...
  16. 86ayayay

    Ducati 2020 Liveries 1.2

    What's Inside: - Mission Winnow Ducati 2020 Bike Liveries - Andrea Dovizioso 2020 Suit (New 'Undaunted' Logo) Dry & Wet, New Gloves, Boots, & Helmet - Danilo Petrucci 2020 Suit - Mission Winnow Ducati 2020 Alpinestars & Dainese Custom Suit (my mod ver) use this mod first...
  17. Raskav12

    Ducati Aruba.it 2019-12-13

    Ducati Aruba.it mod replace ducati factory team
  18. Leone291

    Motogp 19 | DUCATI V4 Speciale | By LEONE 291 2019-11-20

    Motogp 19 | DUCATI V4 Speciale | By LEONE 291
  19. kawa4saki

    Loris Capirossi Mugello 2006 ( 4-STROKE HISTORIC BIKE LORIS CAPIROSSI ) Version 2 (fixed colours)

    NOTE: THIS IS A MOD FOR LORIS CAPIROSSI ( 4 STROKE HISTORIC 2006 DUCATI ) a livery he has run in the motogp 2006 mugello race where he finished on the podium. it was a request by Alex Marlboro ( thank you buddy for your trust ) this mod replaces Loris Capirossi's his Original skin. Changes...
  20. kawa4saki

    Retro 2009 Phillip Island Ducati for CUSTOM RIDER ( MODERNBIKE ) 2019-09-23

    Installing this mod. 1.UNPACK THE ZIP FILE. with winrar or 7zip. 2.Put the pak file in ( motogp 19 -> content -> pak ) 3.Start the game. IMPORTANT: it is possible that the mod will not show up in the game, to fix this you have to delete an older livery mod for the Ducati. i used my own coca...