dubai autodrome

  1. Epic 10 laps with 90 cars at Dubai Autodrom in VR!

    Epic 10 laps with 90 cars at Dubai Autodrom in VR!

    RaceRoom simulation brought lately new race track with amazing something over 100 grid slots! I have chosen the GT3 Class Audi RS LMS for this purpose and ra...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Dubai Autodrome Confirmed for RaceRoom Racing Experience

    Surprising few of our sim racing community, the Dubai Autodrome has been confirmed as the next track heading to RaceRoom Racing Experience. Edit 02.10.2019: Track available now from the RaceRoom Store! Having been lightly teased over the last few days, Sector3 Studios have finally confirmed...
  3. A

    Dubai Autodrome 2019-04-07

    Dubai Autodrome with two layouts. GP & International. This mod was created by HemiR. Decide to share with you guys,might be somebody will like it. 'Completed in 2004, the Dubai Autodrome was the UAE’s first fully-integrated multipurpose motorsport and entertainment facility. At the heart of the...