dual clutches

  1. rayjubb87

    Sell Sell Gomez Sim Industries FPE

    HI all. Up for grabs here is my GSI FPE. Ordered in June and received in Sept. As you can see I have upgraded the shifters with Ascher's. Anyone who knows the GSI v1 shifters knows that they had some lateral play/rubbing issues. They have since released the V2's as a result of these issues but...
  2. B

    Wanted Martin Ascher Racing C26M or C26L Button Plate (with Dual Clutches)

    I'm looking for an Ascher Racing C26L Button Plate, preferably with Dual Clutches. Unlike the threadtitle (which I can't change), I'm mostly interested in the large sized model to use with a 320-330mm rim like a OMP Superquadro. Location: the Netherlands, Europe Please send me a PM if you...