driver model

  1. Billy Pilgrim

    Game crashed - Driver model is probably missing

    I'm trying to load up a race with DRM cars. It doesn't load the race and puts me back to AC with the message above, Game crashed - Driver model is probably missing. Can anyone help? I haven't gone into my files deleting driver models recently
  2. Please Stop This

    Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced 0.9

    Install: Unpack archive to AC root. Description: I made my own version of one of the four "Custom Shaders Patch" apps (available here: Its the debug app and atm it replaces the original in "assettocorsa\apps\python\AccExtHelper"...
  3. ZachRacer88

    Driver Skin Request [Assetto Corsa]

    Hello fellow Sim Racers, and hopefully, Skinners! I have a request for you guys.. as I can't find any on the web... Could someone make a driver model wearing casual every-day clothes? Like, instead of having a racing suit and gloves, make him have a t-shirt without gloves on... It would make...