driver model

  1. Mr. Malarkey

    New Driver - Driver 1955 1.011

    Introducing Driver 1955! Tired of seeing your 1950s cars being driven by drivers from 10 years in the future? I know I was. I tried using the "pudding" driver, but that was a pretty outdated model, and it was almost impossible to skin the helmet. So I decided it was time for something new...
  2. Nicecuppatea

    1923 Driver model 1.2

    1923 Driver model in slightly dodgy but period correct attire for anyone who doesn't have it already. It's included in my other mods but not the FIAT, thought it might be better uploaded seperately. Feel free to use it in your own mods if you want, my only condition is you don't charge for it...
  3. yomiko_onkerz

    General Custom driver models and problems converting to .kn5?

    So I've been trying to convert an .fbx of a custom driver model to .kn5, but with no luck, even with every (supposed) method that I have tried so far. The lack of custom drivers (that can be used as examples) that people have made means that there is not really a clear or illustrated way to do...
  4. Billy Pilgrim

    Game crashed - Driver model is probably missing

    I'm trying to load up a race with DRM cars. It doesn't load the race and puts me back to AC with the message above, Game crashed - Driver model is probably missing. Can anyone help? I haven't gone into my files deleting driver models recently
  5. Please Stop This

    Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced 1.0

    Description: I made my own version of one of the four "Custom Shaders Patch" apps (available here: Its the debug app and atm it replaces the original in "assettocorsa\apps\python\AccExtHelper" completely, as it has the same base. To...
  6. ZachRacer88

    Driver Skin Request [Assetto Corsa]

    Hello fellow Sim Racers, and hopefully, Skinners! I have a request for you guys.. as I can't find any on the web... Could someone make a driver model wearing casual every-day clothes? Like, instead of having a racing suit and gloves, make him have a t-shirt without gloves on... It would make...