1. DavidDGA

    1999 BMW V12 LM - Team Goh/Dome #61 1.1

    Here is the BMW V12 LM that run at 1999 Fuji 1000km in the LMP class. This car started 3rd (2nd in LMP class) and finished also 3rd (2nd in LMP class). The skin is for VRC Beamer V12 car. Enjoy, hope you like it.
  2. tomcosgrave

    Dome-Mugen - RSS Formula Hybrid X EVO 2022 1.0

    Information Japanese racing team Dome flirted with F1 using Mugen-Honda engines in the 1990s and built a couple of cars. They could never raise the funds to compete and eventually focused on other series. This skin pack is two versions of a fictitious skin for Dome Mugen (Honda are not...
  3. A

    2003 Takata #18 skin for GT500 JGTC NSX for Assetto Corsa 0.338

    This is the first skin I've released publicly, so please be gentle! I've always loved the yellow and white #18 Takata NSX from the old JGTC days, and from driving it in Gran Turismo 4. But it appeared that no one has made a skin for AC. So I grabbed my 1/18 AutoArt scale model of the car and...
  4. juicter6000

    ENTRY DOME 0.8

  5. yam_ia

    2018 SuperTaikyu civic tcr skin pack 1.00