diy pedals

  1. N

    Thrustmaster pedal sensor to usb using arduino

    Hi everyone, I´ve been using some old pedals( thurstmaster ferrari red legend) with my setup(only the pedals not the wheel), but recently they´ve stopped working and I couldn´t find a way to fix them, so I asked a friend if he could lend me a arduino leonardo, in order for me to try and connect...
  2. APi_Racing

    How to connect Hall sensors to pedals?

    Friends, I make myself pedals, and I want to install Hall sensors there instead of potentiometers, but I don’t know which sensors are needed and how to connect them to the Arduino board, I ask your help)
  3. AccAkut

    Slow rig build

    I've seen people inquire about ideas like this a couple of times, thought of posting a few pics here. In general it seems like what I build here is way more "pedestrian" than most. Simple 40x40 Bosch aluminium profiles, the cheapest (fitting) racing seat I found on Amazon, my trusty old pedals...
  4. callumjtc

    DIY Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pedal Project

    This will be a build focused thread, a continuation from the success of my previous thread containing a survey (many thanks for the overwhelming number of helpful responses!) for an A level technology project. The survey guided me towards building these pedals for the project which will...