dirty air

  1. lactose5

    F1 22 Realism Mod 3.0

    Realism mod for F1 22. The current features include: -Faster DRS opening/closing -Realistic dirty air and slipstream (2022 spec) The mod can be downloaded above, all feedback is welcome. Thank you!
  2. S

    2022 DRS, DirtyAir & Slipstream Mod Version 1.2 reworked

    Hey, this is my DRS, Slipstream & Dirty Air Mod. The mod is supposed to recreate the racing in the 2022 season. Knowing what we have learned so far from the tests in Spain and Bahrain. According to the first statements, driving behind is better, but the slipstream is less than in the 2021...
  3. lactose5


    Extract folder! Directions: go to your f1 2021 folder and copy and paste the files Enjoy! Mod at work:
  4. H

    Realistic Dirty Air 1.0.0

    The F1 2021 dirty air gives about 15% aero loss, which is way too low if you like realism. It also has the added effect of bunching the AI up way too much, causing a bunch of incidents in the first few laps. This mod increases it to 35%. If you want constant side-by-side battling, this is not...
  5. EnriqueBanderas

    F1 2020 Performance mod for 2021 1.9 FINAL

    Performance mod 2021 1.9 FINAL Hello guys! This is my first attempt in creating a performance mod ever in my life as I want to reflect the values of 2021. Version 1.9 is the final one but I remain available for feedback and fixing anything wrong. (Need help? Please use the "ask a question"...
  6. T

    Realistic Aero Mod F1 2020 1.0

    Dramatic increase to dirty air and slipstream effects. This was done by modifying the vtx files for each car. Previously the dirty air was set to a value of 0.85, meaning a 15% reduction of downforce when following, and slipstream was set to 0.9, meaning a 10% reduction in drag. I changed these...
  7. PaoloManzi

    Dirty Air Mod 2018-10-08

    The greatest problem in F1, the one who makes races so boring is the dirty air. So why not make also this game boring? Jokes apart, now follow the cars ahead will be difficult as in real life with that bad feeling of losing downforce when behind a rival. Just copy the files in your F1 2017...
  8. Karlito

    F1 2017 Realistic car physics 1.0

    NOTE: IF YOU LIKE THIS MOD, ANY DONATIONS ARE WELCOME! IT WOULD REALLY HELP ME! DONATE HERE What's up guys! Here is something that I wanted to do a long time ago, but now since game will save our progress, I decided to finally do this. What is this mod about? DIRTY AIR - ooo yeah, now you...