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desktop racing setup

  1. lemonbrahz

    T500 on desk vs G25 on a rig?

    Hey guys, Right now I've got my G25 desk mounted, has been like that for 2 years now. Recently I've got more and more into sim racing and want to upgrade my setup. Pretty much I've boiled it down to either keeping my desk setup but with a better wheel (Thrustmaster/Fanatec) OR keep my trusty...
  2. L

    How to pin Fanatec Wheel Property Page to Start Menu

    I keep all my sim racing programs in a start group in Windows 10. I wanted to add the Fanatec Wheel Property Page which resides on my desktop to this start group. Sadly, Windows 10 did not give me that option. The Pin To Start option was not available for the desktop icon. But I figured out how...
  3. Gpruitt54

    DIY 80/20 Pedal Platform

    I have a desktop race setup. No room for a full sim race rig. I recently bought a set of Fanatec V3 pedals to replace my old Fanatec V1 pedal set. Because this is a desktop setup, I wanted the new pedals to set a little higher than floor level. So, I designed and built this pedal platform from...