1. N

    Cominair Racing Team (Praga R1) 2020-07-15

    The Idea is making a full grid of teams using the Praga R1 base. Some of the helmets used are made by jvinu2000. To be able to use the helmets you have to download the ACSPRH | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa Mod. The Cominair Racing Team cars are driven by: Marcus Ericsson (#9) Louis Delétraz...
  2. formulaHEINE

    Rich Energy Formula 2 Team 2019 - Formula RSS 2 V6 [4K + 2K] 2.0

    This skinpack is a fictional creation of an 2019 Formula 2 team sponsored by Rich Engery for the Formula RSS 2 V6 mod for Assetto Corsa from Race Sim Studio. The pack features detailed custom car, driver and crew textures, Pirelli tire textures and features different levels of car texture...

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