1. D

    CSW 2.5 "Notchy" feeling in centre of steering range

    Hi, Was searching for another issue (and found someone with said issue here and posted that I was experiencing the same - CSW 2.5 Oscillation thread ) and figured I'd make a seperate post for something else I experience only in AC/ACC. In addition to that other thread, I have this strange...
  2. H9327

    I need some pedal deadzone

    I need just a tiny bit of deadzone on my throttle and brake pedals. Played around with Filter Settings but did not work. Or I couldn't get it to work. Help please
  3. O

    Thrustmaster T3PA pedals deadzones

    Hi, i bought used T3PA pedals and all three pedals have the same probem - deadzones at both idle and fully pressed positions. When i press pedal, it goes about 10-15mm before corresponing axis at the control panel or in game begin to move, and it reaches 100% before 10-15mm of fully pressed...
  4. M

    Bad deadzone on G27

    On straight lines, the wheel is just dead, I get no information about the asphalt, no vibration at all so it feels as if im floating. Only when im going really fast when the camera sharts shaking I get some input, but the first 3 gears on the ASR Mclaren MP4 for example that I just tried on...
  5. RasmusP

    RasmusP's LUT Guide for G27/29 and DFGT 1.2

    Hi! After my G27 Guide seems to help a LOT of drivers to finally get satisfied with their Logitech wheel in Assetto Corsa but most of them preferring my LUT-Configuration, I decided to create a little Guide only with the LUT-Configuration. Easy, simple, quick :) Here is the Link to the full...
  6. RasmusP

    Guide for G27 (and other wheels) configuration

    EDIT: After almost everyone prefers the LUT-Configuration, I created a Lut-only Thread with all my LUTs attached in a zip-file in the Download-Area here at Racedepartment. Have a look: Hello everyone, I know...
  7. Goffik

    Logitech G27 - Clutch Deadzone

    Since I've started driving more cars with h-boxes recently, it quickly became apparent that my G27's clutch has a rather large deadzone. I need to push the pedal at least 1/5th of the way down before it registers any input at all, which is rubbish. The trouble is that for whatever reason, the...
  8. S

    T3PA brake pedal deadzone

    Just upgraded from a logitech G25 to the t300 alcantara edition with the T3PA pedals and one of the things I have noticed is the deadzone on the brake pedal. The thrustmaster software doesn't register any brake pedal movement until after I get on the conical brake mod. This is really bugging me...