1. L

    F1 2021 Custom livery crashes my game

    I imported the dds files as shown how to in all tutorials i've seen with the ego erp archiver. I replaced the devon butler livery in the fom_car and all the engine my team cars. But when i open a career or the showroom (the only things i've tried doing in game) the game just crashes. I've...
  2. ScoobaShtacks

    Skins Issue exporting transparent car skin to dds

    So I've been working on a skin for the Ferrari FXX-K for the past few days (a 4K super accurate version of car #13). It's the first time that I'm working with a transparent skin. I've been working the entire time in Photoshop with CM Showroom open to preview it on the side. This is the result in...
  3. abrimaal

    Beg for permission texture pack 202006

    Free the modding Scene from permissions, dependency, subservience and hierarchy. Feel free to distribute. Feel free to modify. Feel free to share. Create, be proud to create, be proud to share. Do not offend anyone. Generally there are 3 types of licence: copyright, creative commons and...
  4. S

    General Only one brake disc textured, rest textured partially

    Hi! I'm modding Supra for personal use. Everything went fine (my 1st mod so I'm proud) but I encountered a problem with texturing brake discs. So in AC/CM showroom everything is ok, but when I get this Supra on race there is only one brake disc textured (rear right). Rest of them aren't textured...
  5. soLo99

    F1 2019 Editing F1 2019 Driver numbers

    Hello there! First ever forum post so sorry if I am breaking any rules. For my career mode I would like to edit the DDS of the driver numbers on the cars as I dislike the colouration of some of them. However, I have not been able to discover how to do such a thing thus far. I have the nvidia...
  6. Mast416

    F1 2019 Transparency on Arai Ped Wing F1 2019

    Hey Everyone ! just a little topic to ask you if somebody know how to create some transparency on F1 2019 modded Helmet. Have the same transparency on wing like the front ped or aerations. Is there a specific color on the DDS "s" File for the wing ? Thx ! Alex
  7. HK2014

    Error while opening DDS file

    Hello i wanted to edit some textures for a track but i am struggling to open them.. i am using paint.NET and have no problem to edit/create things like car skins, but when it comes to edit dds file from a track, the file won't load and gives me an error like "invalid dds file" can't someone tell...
  8. ltcars

    Gimp dds plugin working in 2.10?

    Is there any dds plugin for Gimp working in 2.10?
  9. ltcars

    General Optimizing kn5 possible hotfix?

    So, if you open a kn5 file with the text editor and you take a look you can actually see all the textures inside. So now comes my question. Would it be possible to replace all the png's in the txt file with dds's and create a skins folder in which you rename all the textures of the kn5 from png...
  10. mysterion157

    Mclaren Career Helmet - Flames (PSD Included) 1.0

    I don't think it's super special but this is my helmet for career mode. PSD is included so you can edit it how you want it. Follow the tutorial to install: Numbers are included in template but are NOT on the dds file provided Thanks to: Krisdix - Base helmet template & tutorial Laksu -...
  11. P

    How to create DRS's dds files?

    Does anyone knows which options do I have to choose in photoshop's nvidia plugin (dds) to crate the two dds files for DRS skins? I'm trying to create a skin for the Formula Ultimate. The car skin is fine, I did others skins before, but I'm not being able to generate the DRS's dds files for the...
  12. Fransonic13

    MGP16 where is custom pilot number .dds file ?

    i'm looking for the .dds to edit custom pilots number, anybody know ?? when i use the bml file editor, i'd found the root folder for every rider numbers, GFXPAK/NEVER_SHOWN, so when i look into the folder there is only one .dds file with thumbnails 'BUG' is this some kind of troll ?? or...
  13. Andrew Harper

    Formula 3 Racesuit Photoshop Template v1.0

    Hi, This is not perfect but as it was something I made up for the F3 cars on AMS I thought it would be nice to share! :) This is a PSD F3 Driver template I did from scratch using the original DDS file as reference. The creases and shading are drawn in by hand and by using multiply and lighten...