dd wheel

  1. O

    Sell PLAYSEAT® TROPHY BLACK , DD Compatible, in Oxford

    Selling my PLAYSEAT TROPHY BLACK. I bought it in February, used it not more than 20 hours in total. I use it with Fanatec DD and Club Sport V3 pedals. The seat is very comfortable even for endurance races. Selling it because of moving to abroad. Price £450
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 Direct Drive Wheelbase. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. ao1977

    Quick review: TomyRacing TRX Quick Release

    Dear fellow sim racers, since may I am a happy owner of a Sim-Plicity SW8C+, which I am using with a DIY wheel built from a 3DRAP kit. I attached the wheel to the base via a Chinese D1 spec knock-off, which did the job, but soon began to annoy me with some lateral play. There was no play on the...
  4. O

    What means this is not a ready to race kit?

    Hey guys, I have a question about the Accuforce DIY Steering KIT: https://www.simxperience.com/products/accessories/accuforcesteering/accuforcewheeldiykit.aspx On there website they say, that this is not a ready to race and a DIY kit. So do I just need to buy a Wheel...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Discussion | Direct Drive Wheels: The Good, Bad And The Ugly

    Discussion time! Direct Drive wheels are becoming increasingly common in sim racing, but which one should you get? Long gone are the days of just one or two niche manufacturers developing DD wheel solutions for a hardcore few. In 2020, the discerning sim racer has a wealth of choice when...
  6. L

    Sell OSW-Lenze + Controller (EU)

    Hello racers, sadly I have to give up simracing for a while because I moved to another city in Germany. This is the reason why I am selling my most important part of my setup - the OSW Lenze motor. It is a great base for every wheel and nearly plug and play with the MMOS software which is used...
  7. AccAkut

    Slow rig build

    I've seen people inquire about ideas like this a couple of times, thought of posting a few pics here. In general it seems like what I build here is way more "pedestrian" than most. Simple 40x40 Bosch aluminium profiles, the cheapest (fitting) racing seat I found on Amazon, my trusty old pedals...
  8. Rodriggo

    DD base to a CSL Seat?

    Just curious if anyone has mounted a DD wheel base to an old Fanatec CSL Seat? Been using the rig with a CSW for a couple of years, I'm happy with it but I'm growing interested in the zero deadzone responsiveness of a DD wheel. Thinking of eventually moving to one down the road but I'm not...
  9. N

    Upgrade Path Advice

    After wandering the internet for what feels like for ever, I thought i would ask for any advice/opinions on my planned upgrade route. My current set up is Rseat RS1 Rig, T500 RS, Fanatec V3 pedals, Fanatec Shifter When I bought the pedals my aim was to switch to a full Fanatic set up with the...
  10. B

    Next upgrade - Heusinkveld pedals vs DD Wheel vs VR vs NLR Motion v3

    Hello , I recently upgraded my graphics card to 1080 and Im now thinking what to change or upgrade next. It is not really necessary, everything works fine, but you know... It is exciting to change and upgrade stuff like that :) what would you choose to upgrade as a first thing. Im aware price...