1. bondyboy

    Sell Accuforce V1 DD Wheel - UK

    SOLD Accuforce V1 wheel and base bought from here at the start of 2020 but have recently upgraded to Simucube Slight wear as shown in pics No Sim Commander license as I still use that for buttkickers £500 pickup Newport - South Wales
  2. Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel and Pedal Set Review

    Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel and Pedal Set Review

    Fanatec’s new Gran Turismo DD Pro bundles are the best all-in-one solution for sim racing on Playstation consoles, but they carry some questionable design aspects. After several busy and successful years for Fanatec, which included becoming a title sponsor for a major race series, bringing...
  3. Jordan Grant-Smith

    Wanted Sim Labs Fanatec DD Podium Mount for GT1 Evo 500mm

    Based in London. Would like to buy the 500mm Simlabs Fanatec DD Mount for the Sim Labs GT1 Evo. Will pay for postage.
  4. Jason Reiser

    Sell Simucube 1 (SC1) Small MiGE, SinCos, Wireless, Q1R

    SOLD: Simucube 1 (SC1) with Small MiGE, SinCos encoder, Wireless receiver, Q1R quick release $950 but I’m open to offers. Shipping or ideally pickup or meetup would be from NY 11768. I purchased the Heidehain ERN-480-3600 Sin-Cos encoder from Davy Watts at Sim-tronix for over $250 to upgrade...
  5. T

    Wanted DD wheel, Rim, pedals, shifter

    Building my sim rig. Looking for various devices. I am located in US, Zip 98036 DD wheel: Simucube 2 Sport or Pro, Sim racing bay OSW. Augury OSW 18nm/20nm Rim: formula style wheel (around 290mm) with dual clutch. Preferably Ascher F64, Taichi F1, cube controls. Open to other formula style...
  6. Kapucha

    Looking for accesories to extend shaft for OSW DD

    Hello, I'm new here so excuse me for silly questions. Is there any accessories to extend shaft (make it longer) from Mige motor (Augury 18Nm OSW Kit) so the wheel can be closer to the driver? How to look for this kind of accessories? -- Warm regards to all sim racers, Marcin