1. madmax_2a

    The_Zetto_Fugu-Hankook-Madmax Custom V1

    Enjoy this real beast !
  2. hoover2701

    THE ZETTO (Group 3) Hoover Rally Tuning Jägermeister 1.0

    Recently I discovered my love for the zetto so a livery had to be done! ;) As you might have noticed I am an absolute sucker for Jägermeister-liveries so the zetto got one as well. I think it fits perfectly. Hope you like it! Have fun, drive safe and keep them liveries coming!
  3. Langheck_917

    Bob Sharp Racing Datsun 510s (1973 B Sedan SCCA Runoffs, Road Atlanta) 1.0

    Attached are a pair of Datsun 510s sporting the Bob Sharp Racing livery as worn during the B Sedan SCCA Runoffs at Road Atlanta, 1973. These are intended for use with the Touring Car Legends 'tc_legends_datsun_510'. The two cars are driven by Paul Newman (#75) and Jim Fitzgerald (#38). Like...
  4. Langheck_917

    BRE Datsun 510s (1972 Trans-Am 2.5 Sedan Championship) 1.0

    Attached are the trio of Datsun 510 racing cars campaigned by Pete Brock (BRE) for the 1972 Trans-Am Sedan Championship, which ran simultaneously alongside the big-bore American Muscle Cars. These are for use with the Touring Car Legends 510 (tc_legends_datsun_510). Included is the...
  5. bruno_231

    Datsun GT Steering Wheel 1.0

    A simple texture mod that changes the GT steering wheel to a black wheel with a Datsun logo
  6. iancurtis

    Datsun Bre 240Z | 1971 | Group 3 1.0

    Livery for the Zetto Installation - Copy the PNG-File into: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group 3\the zetto\ All liveries were made from scratch by my own - no conversion or copy. I don't mind if you modify the livery for your own use. Don’t...
  7. W

    TCL datsun 510 5 skins (4k/2k) 2020-08-07

    A few skins for the Datsun 510 included in the tcl car pack The download includes 4k and 2k versions of the skins
  8. Verde_msk

    Datsun 240z - Bob Sharp Racing GTU 1.0

    My first skin in years and first uploaded here. Based on 240z raced in IMSA GTU class 1976. There are two versions - one with painted lights glass and second with standard dirt 2 one. Painted one is not good in night because of emission :) So choose any you like. P.S. snow wheels are colored...
  9. NMV0327

    My Summer Car Cleaned Save 2019.1X.XX

    Satsuma GT Tuned! ✔ Hayosiko Loaded With Kilju ✔ 500000MK ✔ Rusco Key ❌ Van Key ✔
  10. M

    all of my /images (my summer car) f.i.a.t..8.5.0.

    includes 2 of my previous posters, new poster, pohjanmaa car paint, rear window sticker with Fennia vakuutus Insurance (finnaly insurance for datsun) and suzuki pv skin for datsun!
  11. flapdreul

    Datsun 240Z with F-16 Have Glass Paint Scheme 2019-10-27

  12. Kyuubeey

    Cars Datsun 240Z

    VERY EARLY WIP DATSUN Z CARS OF THE 240 VARIETY I was urged to make a thread, so here it is. I will use it to channel your energy to perhaps release this car before the heat death of the universe. I'm a beginner to 3D modeling and anything related to it, and I'm not working on this with the...
  13. J

    My Summer Car : Lapland Odyssey Skin 1.2

    You need texturepackimporter for the registerplate : TIS-51. How To Install : Put car.png to windows C:/programfilesx86/steam/steamapps/common/my summer car/images.
  14. Captain Phasma

    My Summer Car Race Skin 2018-07-07

  15. Zorro72

    Datsun (Nissan) 240Z Rally v3.2

    original readme: 1971 Datsun 240Z Version 1.0 TT Real Mod Compatible History: The first Datsun to make an impact on the European stage was the 240Z, a large, front-engined, rear-drive, six-cylinder coupé that was hailed as spiritual successor to the ‘Big Healey’. The ‘Z’ possessed similar...
  16. Venom34

    Datsun 100A Sound 1.0 (+ experimental)

    Installation: Drag "datsunsound.resource" into "steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\mysummercar_Data" Drag "Datsun 100A Sound Mod.exe" into "steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\" Run "Datsun 100A Sound Mod.exe"
  17. R

    Datsun Branding 1.0

    READ THE README! - Seriously. This is because Unity Asset Bundle Explorer can't import atlas-textures without crashing the game for some reason. This mod adds a Datsun510-Badge to the front grille, aswell as the blinkers, and changes 'Satsuma' to 'Datsun', and 'AMG' to '100A' on the bootlid...
  18. Tesly

    Datsun Sport Steering Wheel 1.0

    Change texture sport steering wheel. Download Unity Assest Explorer:
  19. C

    Midfield Raceway 60s 2.0 2017-12-11

    Midfield Raceway 60's for rfactor created by me. This is a pretty good track for the amount of time ive spent on it and if you enjoy Midfield from the Gran Turismo games then you will love this. There is also a snow version included. I have also made Special Stage Route 5. I will be uploading...

    Datsun windshield banner/decal! 1.1

    Link to GyroscopicDesign's original clear tinted windows tex: Clear tinted windows with about a 1/4 width yellow outlined with baby blue on black banner that reads Datsun. Also very easy to change in color if you just...