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data replacement

  1. M

    Can't get old mods

    This weekend my computer died on me so I had to buy another one. I really liked Arch's data replacement mods but unfortunately he deleted them all just as I was setting up Windows so I couldn't get them on my new computer. Does anyone have the files for any of the data replacement mods and would...
  2. C

    (DATA REPLACEMENT) BMW Z4 GTE physics for Z4 GT3 0.9

    Installation 1. Create a folder in assettocorsa/content/cars called "bmw_z4_gt3_GTE_spec" 2. Copy and paste all of the files from the regular Z4 GT3 into this folder 3. Inside the zip folder you download from here you will find a folder called "Z4_files" 4. Copy the files inside of "Z4_files"...
  3. Raymond Racing

    [DATA REPLACEMENT] Update for F1SR Ferrari 248 1.0

    This mod is an addon patch for the Ferrari 248 mod developed by F1SR. The current version of the mod has a dash-cam view set below the car's floor, and the front wheels aren't correctly aligned with the suspension; this causes parts of the car's brakes and front suspension geometry to clip...