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dash for sim racing

  1. basthard300

    Nextion Template BMW M6 GT3 1.0

    this morning I got up with the desire for nextion:laugh: I prepared this Dash without having the 4.3 inch Nextion available for any error present, please let me know, I will be grateful to you to give me chances to correct them if is necessary. the model of Nextion for base is : NX4827T043_011...
  2. Biro

    Sell DSD Button Dashboards for Fanatec DD1 & DD2

    SOLD Used for 3 months. Not much wear signs. Only glued the 2 "sponsor" patches on it but should be removed with no damage if you don't like them. Comes with usb cables. Selling both left and right panel as seen on images. £220
  3. Setup a Cheap Sim Racing Car Dashboard

    Setup a Cheap Sim Racing Car Dashboard

    I was looking for a cheaper alternative for a car dash given every sim racing product is getting so much more expensive nowadays. So I had a phone to spare and done this sweet setup! I think it looks better than a dedicated dash would ;) What do you think?