dani pedrosa

  1. 86ayayay

    Dani Pedrosa 2020 Custom Rider 1.1

    What's inside: - Dani Pedrosa RBFactory Helmet Replace stock arai 'red-sword' helmet - Added arai helmet brand and corrected some logo placement in KTM Factory alpinestars suit - Added Dani Pedrosa 26 number replace stock number 28 and 'pedrosa' buttpatch replace 'katana' - Dani pedrosa KTM test...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    MotoGP Champion Marquez to Get Red Bull F1 Test

    Having won multiple World Champions at the top level in bike racing, Spanish star Marc Marquez is set to be handed an F1 chance in an upcoming private Red Bull F1 session. Joining current MotoGP rivals Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in that elusive club of riders who've been given an...
  3. xTiKzF1


    Hi everyone! This mod is Repsol Honda Team in F1 2017. The livery is for MERCEDES and in the future I will change the clothes and numbers and do more teams Also, I have: YAMAHA F1 TEAM DUCATI F1 TEAM TECH3 F1 TEAM OCTO PRAMAC F1 TEAM SUZUKI F1 TEAM APRILIA F1 TEAM KTM RED BULL F1 TEAM MARC VDS...
  4. ConectiON

    Dani Pedrosa MotoGP'18 helmet 2018-02-11

    Well this is second of many helmets from F1>MotoGP series , which I started to release yesterday with Marc Marquez helmet. So here it is.. helmet of Dani Pedrosa ! It's not as good as Marquez one, but I still think it's pretty good, so I hope you will like it ! It's not 100% as real, nor...