dallara 317

  1. Lady Oscar

    Ferrari 1000GP livery for Dallara F317 1.1

    Since I've fallen in love with the Ferrari's commemorative livery at Mugello I've recreated it for one of my favourite car. I've put a lot of work and time in this skin, I hope you can appreciate it. I've remake the special logos by hand and now I'm tired goodnight.
  2. Lady Oscar

    Sophia Floersch Dallara F317 Skin+ Campos crew suit 0.8

    Be sure to extract the content of the archive in the root of the AC folder or you are going to miss the mechanics and engineers suit! I've tried to recreate the Campos skin, but I've failed miserably :'(((( I've made a big mistake: I didn't save the Photoshop project file and now I can't fix it...
  3. evandeciren

    XB Racer - Fantasy Formula GP | Dallara F317 FORMULAGP - XBRacer

    Fantasy Team and Livery, personal work for rF2 - Formula GP More Photo: https://www.artstation.com/evan_deciren/albums/1436928 Team : Nissan Nismo Racing | Nissan EngineTeam : Horal Motorsport | Mercedes Benz Engine Team : EDC Art Team | Mercedes Benz Engine Team : Rockstar Soul | Honda Engine...