1. JeezyCreezy

    Jaguar D-Type 1955 Long Nose 1.2

    My first 3D car I've made, I decided it would be cool if I could drive it around in Assetto Corsa. So I reached out the the community here on Race Department and they responded with a great amount of help and assistance. Thank you so much to all that contributed your advice and efforts. Model...
  2. JeezyCreezy

    Cars I'm making a Jaguar D-Type mod, need help.

    I'm wondering if somebody could help get the car model FBX I've made to work in Assetto Corsa. If I supply you with the model and textures would you be able to get it driveable for me? A while back I started modelling my first car in Maya, the goal was to get it running in Assetto Corsa by...