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  1. christoph1954

    BMW M2 in Bavarian Baroque - blue 2019-09-28

    Fit for the "Oktoberfest" - the BMW-M2 in a delicious "Löwenbräu" livery. No problems: It´s alcohol free!!
  2. christoph1954

    OPEL KADETT in Canadian Hemp Green 2019-09-21

    A special version of the Kadett for the lovers of a smooth ride :rolleyes:
  3. christoph1954

    Mitsubishi Lancer-X in Canadian Hemp Green 2019-09-14

    As it´s now legal stuff: The doctor orders "Don´t fear the reefer!" :laugh:. Now for the record: "Agent Smith"! If you are in for some tasty corners, give it try! :ninja: You´ll never have a smoother ride :whistling: And just in case: Your codriver goes by the name "Dredd" :cautious: Peace!
  4. RallyGamer

    BMW M2 Competition - BMW Protect X 1.0

    Vehicle: BMW M2 Competition Livery: BMW Protect X Class: Rally GT Installation manual can be found in the download
  5. christoph1954

    Golf GTI - FENDER Guitars - candy apple red 2019-09-08

    After a lot of beer and smoke I try a more subtle design.:rolleyes: With this one I have my scruples to give it a beating - otherwise I would feel like P.Townsend smashing his Strat into the amplifier on stage - and honestly: I never would do so and never liked to see someone do it.:confused...
  6. christoph1954

    DS21 "Gitanes" french cigarettes 2019-09-13

    I don´t smoke and don´t like the smoke within rooms - but I like these cool smokers of the old days, dying either on cancer or in there race cars :confused::ninja:. And these liverys were cool too - "HB" "Gitanes" "Rothmans" "John Player" "Marlboro" "Camel" etc. etc. I´m glad, that smoking...
  7. christoph1954

    Mitsubishi EVO-6 in a famous Irish beer livery 2019-09-13

    Another one from the Irish "brewery design" team. "Lord Vader" again, giving us a warning in his dark voice: "Don´t underestimate the power of the dark stuff!" #37 - I thought this is prime number?? hopefully! As always: Thanks to "Rallygamer" for his information. And big regards to GitHub for...
  8. christoph1954

    Sierra Cosworth in a famous Irish beer livery 2019-09-13

    Once again: A "brewery design" This time "The dark stuff" from Ireland - of course much appeciated and presented by the hero of the dark side "Lord Vader" himself. As the #65 fits well to my age - I decided to take this one. In the meantime, I found an open source alternative to the costly...
  9. christoph1954

    Sierra Cosworth in an infamous beer livery 2019-09-13

    As already said, I´m a dedicated beer fan (who doesn´t drink anymore). Nonetheless I love these liveries. This time it´s the "infamous" DUFF-Beer - made known as Homer Simpson´s delight! It fit´s well to the large surfaces on the Cossy - to my taste at least :) Some small issues I have already...
  10. christoph1954

    Lancia Delta in a famous beer livery 2019-08-17

    As I´m a dedicated fan of beer (although I do not drink anymore since 2014 ) I love the "alcoholic or tobacco liveries" like "Martini" or "Heineken" or "John Player". There was never a "Beck´s" as far as I remember. So here it is: The "Lancia Delta" in gloriuos Beck´s Bottle Green :) But don´t...
  11. ytursunoff

    Hyundai i20 R5 Seb Loeb - Rallye Terre du Haut Var 2019 v 1.00

    Greetings, Hyundai i20 R5 - Loeb's Rallye Terre du Haut Var 2019 livery Replaced cars Mitsubishi Star Backup your mr5.nefs Replace with the one in the archive. p.s. bad driving due to lack of time.... have a nice drive :)
  12. ardieksanusi

    Yamaha Citilink Livery for Managerial Career 2019-03-31

    I made this livery just for fun,, thnks
  13. X

    Formula X Amorphis livery 1.0

    My fan custom livery for Formula X, from the cover of the 'Queen of Time' album, by Amorphis ( Original artwork by Jean ”Valnoir” Simoulin from Metastazis. 1. Extract the formula_x_livery_amorphis.rar file 2. Replace the existing in...
  14. derick_pereira

    Robin Larsson - Ford Fiesta World Rallycross supercar 2018 1.0

    World Rallycross 2018 Custom Grid (WIP) Installation instructions Extract the 'Robin Larsson - Ford Fiesta RX 2018 1.0' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'ford_focus_rx_livery' DDS file If you like and appreciate my hard work, please...
  15. derick_pereira

    XITE Racing Mini Cooper SX1 2019 1.3

    XITE Racing Mini Cooper SX1 2018 version included Installation instructions Extract the 'Mini Cooper SX1 Rallycross 2018 1.3' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'mini_rx_livery' and 'mini_rx_livery_alpha' DDS files If you like and appreciate...
  16. derick_pereira

    Volkswagen Polo R Supercar 2018 RX - Second Livery UPDATE 1.3

    Both Drivers Included: Petter Solberg Johan Kristoffersson World Rallycross 2018 Custom Grid (WIP) Installation instructions Extract the 'Volkswagen Polo R Supercar 2018 1.3' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'vw_polo_rx_livery' DDS...
  17. derick_pereira

    Ford Fiesta Sebastien Ogier WRC 2018 1.2

    Installation instructions Extract the 'Ford Fiesta WRC 2018 Sebastien Ogier 1.2' rar file Go to - Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'ford_focus_rx_livery' DDS file Unfortunately it's not possible to change the rims colour yet!!
  18. derick_pereira

    Hyundai i20 WRC 2018 - Portugal and Headlights UPDATE 1.6

    DIRT 4 Hyundai R5 DLC rally car Hyundai WRC 2018 drivers and co-drivers included #4 A.Mikkelsen and A.Jæger #5 T.Neuville and N.Gilsoul #6 D.Sordo and C.del Bario #6 H.Paddon and S.Marshall Instructions Steamapps/common/DIRT 4/cars Open the i25.nefs file with the NefsEdit tool Select...
  19. derick_pereira

    Project Cars 2 Rallycross Custom Grid 2016 / 2017 1.0

    Race against real world WRX drivers like: J.KRISTOFFERSSON, K.BLOCK and L.DORAN Conbined with the Project Cars 2 Fun Pack DLC additional drivers: P.SOLBERG, M.EKSTRÖM and T.HEIKKINEN BONUS Livery - LIAM DORAN - MINI RX 2016 KEN BLOCK- FORD FOCUS RS 2017 J. KRISTOFFERSSON -VOLKSWAGEN POLO...
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