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custom design

  1. BloodySalmonMan

    Sell LMP3/F4 steering wheels

    Hi! This is Taichi from Taichi Sim Racing Wheels! Here, I'm happy to announce a new LMP3 style wheel! There is quite a few options for this wheel. The price starting at 524USD and the highend model is available at 1060USD. Go on to my website to get yours, or contact me if you want to customise...
  2. Javliar

    Ferarri Custom Helmet Design for season 2 in carrer 1.2

    Hey! It's my helmet for a second year carrer in Ferrari. I added few new sponsors to the helmet design, as let's say - driver sponsors. Every driver have its own, so do I. Read more below! This year it's bit more difficult to use custom helmet in the game. Inside a folder there is a...