1. Gregz0r

    Charlotte Motor Speedway 'Roval'(Mountain Peak): Real TV Replay Cameras. 2020-06-09

    I’d say this about 90% of the way there. Still some minor corrections to make. Drop the cameras.ini file into: ➤ steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\mountainpeak\layout_roadcourse_nochicane\data\ folder. Then, in the AC replay, select the camera. Rename or backup existing cameras files...
  2. FRITO

    Cole Trickle (CUP90) 1.1

    ================================================== Assetto Corsa "Cole Trickle" v.1.1 by Frito (ZFLB) ================================================== If you like my mod, consider donate: Version History: v.1.1 - finished helmet texture and fixed alpha...