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csw v2

  1. LoeVG

    Sell Fanatec V2 Base

    Hi. I am selling this Fanatec V2 Base after I'm not getting to use it. It's been stored away inside it's original packaging since late 2018 and never been used since. It's been taken good care of and it hasn't been used a lot. Think it's time someone gets some usage out of it instead of it...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Fanatec Repairs UK? CSWv2 & CSPv2

    Hey folks, hope everyone is safe and well and enjoying the summer :) Ok, I've got a Fanatec CSW V2 base and the CSP V2 pedals sat here doing nothing, and before I advertise them for sale I want to get them sent off and serviced and repaired to ensure they are as robust and solid as possible for...