csl elite mclaren gt3 wheel

  1. NeverKrash

    Sell Fanatec V2.5 Wheel Base, Multiple Fanatec Rims, Drivehub

    Selling all of my Fanatec gear including wheel rims, base, clamps and a drivehub. Items are for sale elsewhere so act fast. Item Original Box Fanatec Bag Condition Customized Warranty Price (£) V2.5 Wheelbase Y Y Used - As new - protective film intact N Yes - 20 Months SOLD Formula V2...
  2. M

    Can EMI cause random button presses/inputs?

    I'm using a Fanatec DD2 with a McLaren GT3 rim. Recently in F1 2019 the MFD panel will randomly start cycling through screens - making wing adjustments and changing tyre selections. In Assetto Corsa Competizione my brake balance can randomly change. All of these unwanted inputs seem to be...
  3. FormulaET

    Fanatec GT3 Upshift lost static release

    For others experiencing this as well. My upshift doesn't have the nice "click' when releasing paddle while gearing up. It still shifts, but no resistance or click... could lead to bigger mechanical issue. The downshift static shift is still operating without issue. I did open a case with...