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  1. max kagan

    Texas Cota F1 AI 2021 0.1

    Updated AI and sidelines for Circuit of the Americas track Can be used with the 2021 custom championship AI can lap in the 36s for race pace and has good side by side racing Need to hold shift when loading the sim to load sidelines properly
  2. Aiden237

    COTA NASCAR 2021 skin 1.00

    COTA NASCAR skin 2021. Had to do some creative licence to make it work. Logos from Google. This is my first track skin so any feedback would be appreciated.
  3. T

    RainFX for Circuit of the Americas 1.1

    After the wet weekend in Austin, I really wanted to see it in-game! As this is my first try at RainFX, I appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  4. Proton29

    Super Max Circuit 1.01

    Based on an interview with Max Verstappen and an article posted in a Dutch magazine, I used this information to create Max Verstappen's Dream Circuit. Image of article below. I created my own layout, one which I think makes more sense than the article, where all the sections and corners are in...
  5. J

    F1 2020 Circuit Of The Americas - Rolex/Aramco/Pirelli GP Track skin 1.0

    F1 2020 Circuit Of The Americas - Rolex/Aramco/Pirelli GP Track skin Hi all. I upload a COTA F1 2020 skin. It is the first that I do, so criticism and suggestions are accepted. Attention, it is for this specific circuit: https://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/circuit-of-the-americas.html Regards.
  6. Ale_05

    COTA - DRS zones 1.0

    DRS zones for Circuit Of The Americas. Link of the track is in README.
  7. J

    Porsche 911 GT3R '18 Park Place Motorsport GT WC America 2020 1.0

    Park Place Motorsport - GT World Challenge America powered by AWS - Race @ Circuit of the Americas - Drivers: Alan Metni, David Ducote Hope you like it! To install: Unpack the "Cars" and "Liveries" folder into your Assetto Corsa Competizione Documents.
  8. Slendis


    Hi everyone! As you may have realized, Formula 1 is finally back in action - granted, a bit later than usual this year! This also means the brand new Formula 1 game has been released which means I am back releasing realistic sponsorboards again! Unfortunately, this year I will have to make some...
  9. TX3Arrow

    DRS Zone Circuit of the America 1

    Here is a file for DRS detection and activation for the circuit of the americas. I'm not sure about the version of the track that I have, it is called "cota". But the file could fit with all versions of the Austin track.
  10. Slendis


    What's up everyone! The purpose of this mod is to replace the default sponsorboards in F1 2019 and replace them with new, more realistic, high quality sponsorboards to increase the realism while you play! I will try to post every track as fast as I can, but it might take some time depending on...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 USGP | Driver of the Day - Vote Now

    Voting is open for the RaceDepartment 'Driver of the Day' from the 2019 US Grand Prix. Circuit of the Americas certainly know how to throw an F1 themed party, and the 2019 running of the United States Grand Prix was another great example of how Americans can often do things bigger and better...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    2019 Formula One US Grand Prix

    Welcome to the central discussion thread for the 2019 Formula One United States Grand Prix. Can Lewis Hamilton wrap up his sixth Formula One World Championship this weekend in America? Will Ferrari find a way to not screw up another race weekend? What will the Grand Prix drivers produce on...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    IndyCar: COTA Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the central discussion thread for the second round of the 2019 NTT IndyCar Series at the Circuit of the Americas. For the first time in a very long time, modern IndyCar travels to a current Formula One Grand Prix venue as the series makes its debut at the Circuit of the Americas...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 US Grand Prix: Driver of the Day - Vote Now!

    Voting is open for the RaceDepartment award of 'Driver of the Day' from the United States Grand Prix. A thrilling race and a title fight still going strong, the US Grand Prix was one of the more impressive Formula One races of 2018, finishing off with a surprise victor, plenty of incidents and...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    2018 Formula One US Grand Prix

    Welcome to the official discussion thread of the 2019 FIA Formula One United States Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton could very well seal an historic fifth World Championship this weekend should he outscore Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel by more than eight points, a very real possibility at a circuit...
  16. Rick Jonk

    COTA Updated Sponsorboards 1.0

    Hi all, This is the Sponsorboard mod for the USA Grand Prix on the COTA Circuit, i've added the Heineken and Johnnie Walker sponsors. Drag and Drop the F1 2018 File into your Steamapps/common folder and it will work! --- YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PLAY ONLINE ---
  17. DaBomb330

    PC2 Setup Toyota TS040 | Cota 1:40.2

  18. yam_ia

    COTA TV cameras WEC 2017 1.00

    track : acu_unitedstates
  19. OzAndy

    Texas 2017 Billboards 2017-11-13

    Extract into your Unitedstates (Circuit of the Americas v.1.1_acu) folder, overwrite skins folder if asked OR make a new "Default" folder in Skins folder and extract individual .dds files into there. Limited with the single ad in objects to create the multiple pit straight ads ...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    Debate: The Rights and Wrongs of the Verstappen Penalty

    Max Verstappen lost out on an epic podium finish at Austin this past weekend thanks to a five second penalty for overtaking off track, but was it deserved? "Verstappengate" has caused plenty of discussion amongst both the professionals within Formula One and the army of fans watching back at...