1. L

    How to start iRacing? Specifically gt3 class

    Hi all, At this point I have all the major sims other than iRacing and I'd like to give it a go. BUT I'm not sure I can actually afford to get into iRacing and looking at this page: I can see what the membership is but nothing about cars and tracks. Would...
  2. El_Uruguasho

    Tuned Satsuma for rally!!! (low cost version) 70hp 93 torque, all cars and 3250 money 1.2

    Satsuma low cost to rally. All the parts are standard, except the rear docks All the other parts of the Satsuma are in the dump All jobs ready All cars keys (hayosiko, rusko and gifu) Day saturday Hour 10AM Tip: do not drive the satsuma at night (it has no lights) Engine: Power and Torque...
  3. U

    R3E Pricing, Discounts, and Purchasing Tips

    This is a rewrite of the excellent guide originally by @Kjell Eilertsen, to bring it up to date with current links and screenshots. The sales and pricing model for RaceRoom is somewhat confusing for new players, and can certainly lead to more money being spent than is necessary. Following this...