1. A

    Malcom Wilson Escort Cosworth 1994 Scottish rally 1.0

    Malcom Wilsons famous Michelin pilot livery for the dirt 2.0 Escort Cosworth To use this livery simply unpack into dirt2.0/cars although i would recomend using de-livery to install
  2. A

    Frank Meagher Escort Cosworth 2019-09-09

    Frank Meaghers 1995 Carling rally of the lakes winning car. Frank would go on to win the Irish tarmac championship outright in this car. This replaces livery_00 (ford motorsports) Simply un-rar directly to steamapps/common/dirt 2.0/cars and it will load in game..enjoy:)
  3. UDegani

    Ford Escort Cosworth Ken Block Cossie V2 2019 1.2

    Ford Escort Cosworth Ken Block Cossie V2 2019 Made from scratch in 4K and 8K Do not redistribute any of the textures without permission or proper credits Donate