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  1. DarXtreme

    SRU McLaren 720s GT3 Livery by Vdesign 1.0

    Here's my entry for the livery contest organized by Simracing Unlimited and RaceDepartment! Main idea behind this design is to integrate the sharp edges and fast lines that characterize the SRU graphics in their website and social posts, and to blend this with the winding body lines of the...
  2. Black_Gold_Saw

    SimRacing Unlimited 10H Silverstone Contest entry - Black_Gold_Saw 1.0

    Hello, Here is my entry for the SimRacing Unlimited - 10 hour Silverstone livery contest. With logo batuone_ made on the panel behind front wheel.. Credits go to him for making that logo.
  3. D

    Romain Grosjean's Predator Cup

    Assetto Corsa tournament: Game Mode: Online, Hotlap in server Car: Mercedes AMG GT3 Assists: All allowed Setup: Open setup Track: Monza Event Date: May 10 - May 14 2021 Prizes are waiting for the winners of the National Final: Predator high performing desktop PC to gaming accesories -...
  4. DarXtreme

    RaceDepartment Barwell Motorsport by VDesign Racing Liveries 1.0

    Here there is my entry for the latest livery contest by RaceDepartment, the Barwell Motorsport sponsored by GT Omega Racing Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo. This is my first upload for ACC, so let mr know in the Support section if you encounter any issue. To install this mod, extract the content...
  5. Lucian Paine

    Design for Falken Motorsport Contest 2017 1.0

  6. formulaHEINE

    RaceDepartment Praga R1 1.2

    This RaceDepartment themed skin is my entry for the big RaceDepartment skinning competition for Assetto Corsa. If you like this skin please vote for submission 41 here: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/rd-skinning-competition-voting-open.132404/ You can change your existing vote until the...
  7. A.Smiraglia

    Mazda Mx5 cup RD Contest Driver Academy 2017-02-08