1. j.koning

    Csldd+clubsport v3 usb connections?

    Hi guys i am not sure if it is allowed. But i searching for information..maybe someone knows. I have a 2 days old csl dd and clubsport v3 pedal. I installed it and in saw in the game itself (in the tab controller) that my pedals where installed seperatly with usb and my wheelbase aswell with...
  2. L

    How To get Forza 7 / Horzion 4 to work with Next Level Motion V3

    Hi all, As anyone got there Next Level Motion V3 working with the Forza games? All other games I've tryed just work find over the USB cable. But for the Forza games you need to do some manual setup with IP ports etc. So I'm guessing I need to use the network port on the V3? When I plugged in...
  3. Plynth3r

    Can't join my own AC server

    Everything seems to run fine. I opened the ports and installed Microsoft Loopback Adapter (otherwise it wouldn't work), my friends can join, I can see the server and can attempt to join too, but after loading the cars the Content Manager shows a "Race Cancelled" message, and apparently the...
  4. DND

    Intermittent connection issues with Fanatec CSW - Solved

    I was having issues with my Fanatec CSW v2.5, Formula rim, and CSP v3.0 where the connection would cut out loosing all control and as quick as it went away it would come back. Unfortunately, I would find myself collecting an unsuspecting opponent or off in the gravel. I thought it may be an...