cobra 289 hardtop

  1. Spudknuckles

    Le Blanc's immacualte Cobra 1.0

    Here's another Goodwood skin for the AC Legends GTC 60's Cobra Hardtop. You can get the free car pack here. Flash-back to the 2016 Goodwood Members Meeting. Does historics racing have a history of its own? I guess it does. Anyway, it's 2016 and accomplished gentleman driver and banking...
  2. GT3RSAss

    Skin pack ACL GTC Shelby Cobra 289 Hardtop 1.0

    *** As a boring guy likes to report all my posts to be deleted and RD approve his excessive requests, I am forced to republish this post for the second time. So hurry and download it before it gets deleted once again. Really sorry guys, but you won't be able to have the same tires as on the...
  3. Spudknuckles

    The 'Hairy Canary' 1.0

    This is a skin for the ACL GTC Shelby Cobra 289 Hardtop from the 'AC Legends' GTC 60's Pack. 2K, 3K, and 4K version are provided.The 'Hairy Canary' is historical racing royalty and a regular competitor in the RAC TT Celebration race at the Goodwood Revival. The car was first raced in 1963. It's...
  4. Spudknuckles

    "Snake Eyes Cobra" re-made for AC Legends GTC 60's Shelby Cobra 289 Hardtop 1.2

    This is a skin for the 289 Shelby Hardtop included in Bazza's 'AC Legends' GTC 60's Pack. 2K, 3K and 4K versions are provided. The aggro snake is back! Wilder, better and completely re-made for Bazza's car pack. The original version of the skin (to suit the Legion 289) can be found here. The...
  5. Spudknuckles

    "Snake Eyes Cobra" skin - Goodwood Revival 2021 1.1

    This is a skin and optional data replacement for the 289 Shelby mod by Legion. Legion's 289 Cobra can be downloaded from here: This "Snake Eyes Cobra" (CSX 2201) was driven by Martin Brundle and Bobby Verdon-Roe in the...
  6. GT3RSAss

    Tour Auto skin pack Cobra / GT40 / E-Type / 2.8 RSR 1.4

    Due to Covid-19, the historic French rally "Tour Auto Optic 2000" couldn't take place this year... So I decided to do my own Tour Auto on Assetto Corsa and I made some configurations of real cars which participate each year at the rally. I just started to create skins, so they are not perfect...