clubsport v2.5

  1. NeverKrash

    Sell Fanatec V2.5 Clubsport Wheelbase (UK)

    SOLD Boxed contents: All original accessories, power cables (UK & EU), screws, paperwork and components included. Comes with original box and Fanatec bag. Condition: Excellent condition. Even has the original plastic glass cellophane film. A small sticky felt pad was added to the upper-back of...
  2. K

    Clubsport v2.5 Perfoms very Weird/oscillations

    Hey guy i bought me a Clubsport v2.5 coming from Thrustmaster ts-pc, im mainly a Drifter but racer too and i tought i could get more out with a csw 2.5 in matters detailed and realistic feeling, but for now im very disappointed, i tryed every possible variant with the settings and couldnt...