clk gtr

  1. B

    URD Maures CLK GTR - Stradale Skin Pack 2022-04-04

    Liveries based on the NFS4's Mercedes CLK GTR, plus a custom flashy one as a bonus. Included is a .psd layout you can use for custom colors. Have fun! Used Ruhisu's awesome street livery as a base, you can find it here ...
  2. AlexBfromG

    AMG-Mercedes CLK GTR FIA GT 1997 Skinpack 0.8

    1 out of hopefully 3 skins Bernd Schneider & Alexander Wurz includes simple suit as well thank you to @Ricardo Gomes for letting me use his Bridgestone tyres
  3. J

    AMG Mercedes Benz CLK GTR '97 (#1, #2, #10, #11, #12) 1.2

    No 1 | No 2 | No 10 | No11 | No 12 More to follow (if I get enough images) Credits to @Ricardo Gomes for Tyre textures