1. M

    Replay Cams Circuit 24H Lemans 2017 2.05 (by Tiago Lima) 2018-06-29

    Replay cams for the chicane versions only. The 3 cams are more or less the same. TV 1 is the main cam TV 2 has different cams in round the pit area (good for inlaps) TV 3 I use only for Race Starts and Outlaps TV 4+5 are the already exixting helicams (LMP+GT3) youtube-demo: you see a lap...
  2. Fat-Alfie

    Feldbergring 1.4

    After just over a year (on and off) I have finally finished my second track for AC - the Feldbergring. The Feldbergring race took place every year in Taunus, Germany, from 1920-1928, from 1934-1936, and lastly from 1950-1954. I have made the last version they raced on. The circuit was 11.6km...
  3. MoZqUiTo

    Alemannenring for Assetto Corsa 0.5.6

    Alemannenring for Assetto Corsa Version: 0.5.2 UPDATE: 08. April 2018 (Please see the Update for Changelog) Track ist done completely and acurate on +/-2cm in all directions. Main Buildings are all done. AI Line is done Just Details are missing and will come by Patch time by time. Please visit...
  4. LeonS

    Sveg Raceway 1.2.1

    Sveg Raceway, Sweden Official website: RD Thread: Brought to you by The Sim Channel in partnership with Heusinkveld Engineering. Installation The recommended way to install this track is to manually copy and...
  5. Mr AlcoN

    Wanted Pro Shift board?

    Hello! Wondering if anyone has a pro shift board for sale? This one: PM me if so! Thanks! :)
  6. Eider Tuning

    Circuito Kotar España 0.3 BETA

    youtube Channel: Discord:
  7. Mortal

    Oschersleben Track 2017 1.1.4

    Oschersleben Track 2017 WIP for Assetto Corsa If you want to follow the earliest progress and fast updates, you can go to the Nightly versions, once you add the best updates to the current version, so you do not have to download the added improvement. v1.1 It's the continuation of the old...
  8. Dethrone1427

    AI and rumblestrip problems

    Does anyone know how a track can be edited, be it with the TDF file, or in the track editing software, its just im having issues with certain tracks i've ported to AMS and the tracks are brilliant running by myself, yet as soon as i add any AI cars it soon turns into destruction derby with cars...
  9. Lemax

    Hope RaceTrack 2017-08-06

    Hope RaceTrack v1.0 I present you Hope RaceTrack, a fantasy race track that I made five years ago and now it is rebuilt for Assetto Corsa. This is pure fictional track and it's not based on any other (real) track. I have made in the past some real tracks from Balkan Peninsula and suddenly I...
  10. E

    A circuit question

    Hi . I want to ask if anyone has any of these two circuits. For Assetto Corsa Circuit Ascari .In Spain , Málaga . Private circuit longest in spain. Karting Campillos In Spain , Málaga .International karting circuit Thanks .I waitng your answers
  11. M

    Adelaide AI Improvement 1.1

    This should drastically improve the AI racing line for Adelaide. The AI are pretty slow by default, especially around turn 8. Its still not perfect, and I haven't tested AI pit entry properly (though it should work). Let me know if you guys have any problems and I'll try to fix them. This is...
  12. Calimero 0euf

    Linas Montlhery 1.21

    I am proud to share Famous track Linas Montlhery in France for Assetto Corsa Features: - 3 layouts (Anneau, Court, Long) - 15 Pit box - Working in all mode with AI - Replay cameras Mega thanks to philcout and TheSky to give me the rights to share this fantastic track for Assetto Corsa
  13. leoncon99

    Green Valley Raceway 0.7

    Hey! Here you can see my first track mod "Green Valley Raceway" for Assetto Corsa. This mod is still in developement, so some honest reviews would really help me. To do list -Improve Graphics -Add Pit Lane Speed Limit -Improve AI -Add Track Cameras -Suggestions From You
  14. Phoenix77

    LA Canyons 1.2

    Please note: You are not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part. Instead, please share a link to this page. It is not permitted to use LA Canyons for commercial or live events without prior permission. Thanks. Please note: I’ve provided answers to some...
  15. K

    Tunturun Circuit v1.0f

    This is my first track ever and it's not perfect, but I did get a lot of positive feedback from beta testers. I hope you will like it! It's a fictional circuit I inititally drew in Paint.NET, but was able to turn into a fully functional 3D circuit using Race Track Builder. As can be seen in...


    Hi For fun, and JUST FOR FUN !! I create a fictive to make fun open with friends. We can drive with IA too, 12 pits are available. The fun side of this circuit is a dirt track with a central crossroads !! Who will remain on track to finish the race ? :roflmao:
  17. Phoenix77

    Tracks L.A Canyons

    Download L.A. Canyons (0.3) Fastest Lap: 9:39.5 by Gary J Paterson using the Formula Hybrid 2017 L.A Canyons is going to be a 25 - 30km (EDIT it's a 42.5km) circuit... using real elevation data... and is a set of real roads winding through the San Gabriel mountains near Los Angeles, California...
  18. K

    How to obtain coordinates of circuit center line

    Dear all: How can I obtain the coordinates of a circuit center line from Assetto Corsa? I tried the collect the coordinates data by recording the driving line, but it is very noisy and not nice. Is there a way to get smooth data of the circuit center line? Thank you all.
  19. Matthijs033

    Imola - Spectator Cams 1.0

    After the first two camera sets for Monza & Spa Francorchamps, this is my third release : The Imola spectator camera set. In this set you can see your car from a spectator / photographer / marshal point of view. The standard TV sets don't do justice to the real speed of the cars, so i created...
  20. fastfab

    Toscana 0.61

    I present you my fictional track the Toscana Autodromo. Countless hours have been poured into this track, please rate and tip if you like it...:thumbsup: Don't be fooled by the 0.5 number, this is a well advanced track. Release of...