chris haye

  1. mister dog

    Where is Chris Haye?

    I've been inquiring inside our circles but no luck so far, anyone know if Chris Haye is ok? His last upload was in January and he's been quiet on the socials as well. Hope he is well. For reference:
  2. RD Podcast S4 E8: Talking with Chris Haye

    RD Podcast S4 E8: Talking with Chris Haye

    We're back in the virtual studio, this time together with Chris Haye! Chris was kind enough to indulge us (and especially Paul, who was feeling particularly chatty) for a good couple of hours, during which we covered a variety of topics. We learned when and how Chris fell in love with...
  3. Rebuilding a 1996 Thrustmaster wheel | Chris Haye Video

    Rebuilding a 1996 Thrustmaster wheel | Chris Haye Video

    Chris Haye is at it again. Again being kicking us right in the nostalgia with his latest video. Our old mate rebuilds a Thrustmaster wheel from 1996 and uses it with modern sims. Chris, I take my hat off to you mate, your approach to sim racing content is truly wonderful and the scene would be...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Sim Racing Discussion With Kunos Simulazioni, SRO, Chris Haye And RD

    We recently sat down with Marco Massarutto of Kunos Simulazioni, Anthony Comas of SRO, YouTube star Chris Haye and RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Paul Jeffrey to discuss the world of sim racing... ... aired during our SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship final round build-up, the very first...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Track Vote! Which is the Best?

    Chris Haye once again lends his iconic sim racing style to our latest SRO E-Sport GT Series video - How To Make An Impossible Choice As many of you will doubtless be aware, the five round SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship only has four confirmed racers on the schedule, with the final event...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship | Round 5: Bathurst (Re-Live)

    The driving is one thing. The racing is another. Man vs machine, the spirit of competition. Throw into the mix a high profile championship challenge, and things very quickly start to get serious. We are now re-live from the Mount Panorama Bathurst circuit for the Grand Final of the SRO E-Sport...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Chris Haye On Preparing For An Evolving Race Environment | SRO E-Sport GT AM Championship

    This week Chris Haye digs deep into the wondrous workings of an evolving racing environment, as we build up to the third round of the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship at the German Nurburgring circuit. Driving a racing car in competition is more than just the art of driving a racing car...
  8. Lunatea Dreamer


    Hi! It's been a while! Here I present to you my project I've been working on for the past few months! (Admittedly took longer than I was expecting!) Features fictional liveries themed around the BPR series for: McLaren F1 GTR (Kunos) RSS GT Tornado V12 RSS GT Vortex V10 Also comes with...
  9. Lunatea Dreamer

    [4K/2K] 事象の地平面 [Event Horizon] 1.1

    My third skin pack is now here to download! This collection of fictional liveries are for the 2003 Skyline GT500 and the 2005 Supra GT500 mods made by Chivas Auto Art. Both mods can be located here: http://chivas-autoart.***********/home/download-sgt Also included are unique textures for...