chivas autoart

  1. sickopaul

    Nissan GT-R R35 GT500 - Royal Racing 1.0

    Triple skin pack I made for an event in which these 3 beauties raced recently. Made for the Chivas's 2013 SuperGT, you can get it here. Hope you enjoy! Some shots of the main Royal Racing scheme:
  2. jeanvendors

    21 Generic skins for Honda HSV-010GT GT500 (Chivas) 1.0

    This is a pack of 2k resolution skins for the Honda HSV-010GT by Chivas AutoArt. Each skin has colors for drivers and crew as well. You can find the mod at the Chivas AutoArt website in addition to some other excellent mods. Install: Just drag the "Skins" folder to the appropriate Honda...
  3. TheNotoriousDIG

    Tokyo Xtreme Racer 0 Speed King Livery Chivas Autoart Skyline R34 JGTC 4K/2K v1.2

    For Chivas Autoart's Nissan Skyline BNR34 NISMO JGTC GT 500: http://chivas-autoart.***********/home/download-sgt Please excuse the shitty PS2 texture quality on the window stickers. Also includes a tuning set up which gives it 1200 BHP and a top speed of 245 MPH/400 KPH with stock settings...