1. Noctam

    Tracks What breaks the checksum of a track for online compatibility?

    RD has some wonderful updates in the misc section to enhance some "old" tracks but I'm worried to run into checksum error when playing online. I would like to know what are the files that one should not touch to keep the mod online compatible? For example SRS is running some races in Algarve at...
  2. DTCxPredator

    Cars Chechsum Colliders?

    Hey, not sure where to post this, first time posting on RD so :D So, we are wanting to put checksum on colliders as we have a suspicion of people cheating in our championship. Is there any way of doing this, we tried the obvious thing of putting the collider.kn5 in the server content car folder...
  3. N

    Checksum errors when running a server

    So, me and my mate wanted to do some racing around Spa in some GT3 cars to have some fun now that Sol can make a server run at night time. I hosted the server through content manager, set up two cars (Z4 and AMG) and set the track to spa at night. I was able to join just fine, but my mate...