1. Acituss

    GT7 like Chase Camera v1.1.1

    A slight modification of Kirbyguys A-Spec GT3 chaser camera. Made it more stiff. Tutorial and camera settings inside the .txt If you like it, then do whatever rating system this site has. Oh and also check out my yt if you like
  2. E

    ShakyCam (KirbyCam Edit) 1.03

    ShakyCam A small edit of kirbyguy22's chase camera: Adds a very arcade-like version of camera shake to hard acceleration and hard braking, jumps and collisions, as well as high-speed. Also dynamicFOV...
  3. D

    [PLUGIN]StopChase 1.2

    Requires MSCModloader This plugin will help you if the chase has started. When you press F3, the chase just stops. Installation as well as the usual plugin for My summer car At once I apologize for English language