chase camera

  1. K

    DynaCam - CSP Chaser Cam 1.0-public

    CUSTOM SHADERS PATCH AND CONTENT MANAGER IS REQUIRED A more dynamic, casual arcade-inspired chaser camera with an emphasis on impact and sense of speed. Based on my earlier work, KirbyCam, with some base functionality improvements and extra effects. *Some effects have been adjusted from the...
  2. PHIZM

    BACC - PHIZM Chase Camera 1.0

    Welcome to BACC Chase Camera Mod by aliex85 & PHIZM. The base is completely made by Aliex85 and Kirbyguy22. Thank you bringing this great addition to AC with CSP! - This version has a changed FOV and different angle, to have more focus on the car. First i only made this for video-recording...
  3. E

    ShakyCam (KirbyCam Edit) 1.03

    ShakyCam A small edit of kirbyguy22's chase camera: Adds a very arcade-like version of camera shake to hard acceleration and hard braking, jumps and collisions, as well as high-speed. Also dynamicFOV...
  4. K

    A-Spec - Gran Turismo 3 Chaser Camera for CSP 1.1

    CUSTOM SHADERS PATCH AND CONTENT MANAGER IS REQUIRED Install Instructions: Automatic - Content Manager: Drag the .zip into the Content Manager window Open the hamburger menu (3 horizontal line icon) from the top and click "Install" OR Manual: Extract the "extension" folder into your...
  5. Ruske06

    ACC Chase Cam for Assetto corsa 1.0

    Here's my tweaked chase cam based on ilja's "basic" preset, after putting the files in ac's main folder you need to select the preset in cm here: Also, here's a vid showcasing the chase cam: Hope you enjoy, cheers
  6. cbethax

    External (Chase) Camera 1.4.1

    Adds external (chase) camera that you can activate while driving. Press 'C' to Activate/Deactivate when in driving mode. You can use Mod Settings to fine tune camera position for different vehicles, as well as modify smoothing. Additional Features: - Camera auto-center on inactivity - Show...
  7. azilvl

    Toggleable Autorace + Chase Cam + Better Race Graphics (alpha) 1.2a1

    note: this mod has been built for MM 1.53 Toggleable Autorace : Gives you the ability to pass the control of your drivers to the AI and take it back whenever you want. Chase Cam: brings Chase Camera mode and the ability to hide the HUD during race in the game. Better Race Graphics: brings the...
  8. eyewants

    PC2 Cinematic Chase Camera - HELP ME!!!

    In PCars 1, I was able to use an attached USB controller(Logitech F310) right thumbstick to move the camera around the car while it was moving in "Chase" mode. In PCars2, I cannot. The game sees my USB controller and my Logitech GTPro wheel(the one with the red dial). I use the wheel to play the...