1. M

    Brothers in arms cd 1.0.0

    Brothers in arms is a popular album made by DIre Straits in 1985. Now you can listen to it in MSC. Comes with textures for cd case, disc and a poster.
  2. KASYN

    '80 Music 0.1

    Here's a mod with some good old music. If you have any suggestions write that in the comment section. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.
  3. oMajorTom

    CD com playlist incrivel 1.0

    Otima Playlist para acelerar saia da rotina sinta coisas novas
  4. Maximus_cha

    MSC Green Day Track 2.0

    Just add this file to your 'CD1' slot in your game directory and listen to the music. Cover Art made by yours truly. The three songs are American Idiot, Basket Case, And last but not least Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

    Radiohead - The Bends CD Cover 2019-03-16

    Excuse my god-awul name. Now we just need clear jewel cases. Here's Radiohead's "The Bends" CD cover. Includes everything except for the music (for obvious reasons). Pictures:
  6. C

    Hip Hop CD Dope songs MY SUMMER CAR 1.1

    Some dope music to listen to whils your poppin off to the shop
  7. F

    The Prodigy CD coverart 2018-09-03

    Required CD Player Enchanced Included coverart mesh templates for: Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned Experience Music for the jilted generation The fat of the land
  8. C

    I have a question

    Hello you awesome people on racedepartment i would like to ask anyone if they or you could be so nice and make a cover art for Nirvana's Bleach and Incesticide and in utero
  9. talianagisan

    Journey Best hits cd cover. 2018-07-29

    Okay this was a fun project to make. I love journey and decided to try and edit the texture for it. I can't seem to find a picture of the bit with the song list and I'm to lazy to walk outside to the car in the corner of the property to get a pic. Install: You go to your my summer car...