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cd player

  1. kalkenkonepaja

    Pioneer Soundsystem 1.3

    Replaces Vlpane textures with Pioneer. SUBWOOFERS ARE BLAUPUNKTS. ps. This cd-player "model" is not actually Pioneer's , it's an Alpine 7914. EXTRA: Cd-Player buttons are greener Install with Unity Assets Explorer Put ATLAS_MOTORPARTS.tex.dds and car_radios.tex.dds in sharedassets1 folder and...
  2. piotrulos

    CD Player Enhanced 1.4.3

    Reviews tab are not for reporting problems due to one reply. Also include your output_log.txt to your post. Enchanced CD Player with mp3 and flac support and multiple CDs. Common mistake: Remove original CD from player and save before installing this mod. If CD cannot be inserted or falls...

    My Summer Meme Music 1.0

    Feel free to Edit and re-upload because i probably wont be updating this.
  4. Freeaccount-x86

    [CD] Alivieskan Local Radio top 5 of 1995 2017-12-09

    Alivieskan Local Radio - Top 5 of 1995 This modification will add 5 new songs to your CD library! Features 5 songs from the Alivieskan Local Radio are now on your CD A custom cover art for the CD case (featuring a full playlist)! 2 versions of the modification Playlist track1.ogg =...