1. S

    New car, track categories and flags for Content Manager 0.51

    This is a feature that has been provided by Content Manager for AC and only works if you have it installed. It enable and shows with icons new categories as series, mods, tags in Content Manager. It´s a first starting point the community can collaborate developing it further. :) Please look...
  2. abrimaal

    Tracks in a wrong category - displayed as "Extras" after adding other tracks.

    Some tracks, when added to Race 07 change categories of other tracks. These tracks are: BATHURST2006, LagunaSeca_v12, Marrakech 2013, Oval1M, Santiago, FVRSydney, Watkins. The first one is Macau. After adding any of these tracks listed above, Macau is displayed as Extras. When I move Macau out...