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  1. Darkfield

    the Fujin - Carbon Fiber 1

    Fujin/Impreza with full carbon fiber body.
  2. OriginalDiddi

    Carbon Nissan Nismo 1.0

    ACC Livery - 2018 Nissan GTR GT3 - Carbon Nismo Livery The official livery of Perne Media Design Studios IG: https://instagram.com/flyingcxcks?igshid=1gdxgrr9bewsh
  3. FaZeKill23

    White Carbon skin for Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII S2 1.0

    I made my first skin in Photoshop. if you want to help, you can express your opinion on the reviews section
  4. K

    McLaren 720S Phoenix v1.0

    I created a simple though elegant livery for the McLaren 720S, using a blue carbon base layer and adding gold highlights. Since I am using the carbon base layer, you can't change wheel colors and you would have to go into your image editing programm to change the racing number and change it...
  5. tizio303

    Mazda 787b Stealth Model 1.0

    Hi! I have created this replica of the stealh model of Gran turismo, I have made it as accurate as possible. I have also changed the suit, helmet and gloves of the driver so it fits better with the style of the car. Please rate my work, it would help me a lot! If you think my work it's...
  6. A

    mx5 red and carbon 1

  7. destinationriver

    McLaren MCL35 Carbon | RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 CARBON

    Hey guys! This is basically just a full carbon version of my MCL35 skinpack! This livery has the "A better tomorrow" sponsorship on it. While the car was launched without it, there have also been pictures posted by McLaren with that branding on it. If you have any problems with the skin, feel...
  8. carlos quintao

    URD AMR GTE 2019 and Bayro EGT 2018 door carbon texture fix 1

    Hi Just a small fix of the door carbon texture for who wants it Just extract the Carbon_2.dds to each skin folder see example image Credits to Mahad for the nice looking doors Enjoy
  9. K

    Simfai superquadro wheel

    Simfai superquadro v1 for sale RRP 1000 USD from simfais website. Very high end wheel based on a 911 cup car, comes magnetic paddle shifters working screen and all buttons work etc. currently mounted on a g27 base but only the rim is for sale, will include the base for extra. Message me with offers.
  10. Radek Zejda

    BackFlame's carbon and green textures and music 2019-02-09

    my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEuSVl7UrYRpDzbFWrqq0rg? textures that were used in this video:
  11. Kayumi

    Sell Fanatec Clubsport Formula Carbon + SRM Magnetic Shifters

    Hey Guys, Im selling my Formula Carbon Rim with Simracingmachines magnetic shifters with strong magnets and GT3 paddles. Rim is in a good but used state, 1 1/2 years old. Shifters have been purchased in April this year. The standard shifter paddles of the rim will be included. Only problem...
  12. netroxx

    Rosso Scuderia 488 GTB "HD dashboard display carbon edition" 1.0

    Hi, Simply a mod that changes the dashboard display by a carbon edition. Enjoy ;-)
  13. manuelj3

    S397 Porsche 991 RSR Carbon 0.9

    To Install, extract the file into your rfactor home directory.
  14. AceSeptre

    BMW M6 GT3 "Carbon Concept" Fantasy Skin 2018-05-17

    BMW M6 GT3 "Carbon Concept" Fantasy Skin based on a livery concept by Tim Pattinson. This is my first uploaded skin, so I still have a bit to learn, but I think this is a nice, "modern vintage" livery that fits well on the car. Enjoy. Install: Extract to...
  15. Peasyy

    Skin Request

    Hi all, just wondering whether anybody would be kind enough to make an all carbon fibre skin for the SF70H (like the RSS formula hybrid 'carbon' skin). My photoshop plays me up with skins so can't get my own to work. Would be much appreciated by myself and i'm sure many others if someone has the...
  16. Patcha

    Ferrari SF15-T - Patcha Pack 1.0

    Hi all! I show you my Ferrari SF15-T Patcha Pack! As already happened before for Ferrari F138, finally I brought my Patcha Pack on SF15-T, too! Actually I'm a bit late, because I was already working on it from last year. But better late than nothing! And also now I wanna explore SF70H and F2004...
  17. venami

    GranTurismo Sport Audi R8 LMS 2016 [4k] 1.1

    I found this car as a simulator for GranTurismo Sport at the Nürburgring 24h. Really reminded me at the old Playstation R8. original car: my car:
  18. danymw

    BMW M3 GTR Most Wanted Livery Pack 1.0

    This livery was originally re-created by geonfsmw for BMW M3 GTR E46. (I know I have a diferent name of profile here, but I'm geonfsmw (geogtr, danymw and others name profiles on different sites). Sorry. Credits: EA for NFS MW game and awesome livery for the most iconic BMW M3 GTR. JDougNY and...
  19. KingofRivals

    Dallara F312 Formula 3 HyperX TagHeuer Fantasy Skin 1.0

    Formula 3 Fantasy Skin TagHeuer HyperX ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys, its my first skin i hope you like it ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to use...
  20. Patcha

    Ferrari F138 - Patcha Pack 1.2.5

    Hi all! I show you my Ferrari F138 Patcha Pack! At first I just wanted the vintage Ferrari livery I like the most (Red with Black wings): they use too much white nowadays in my opinion. But after I had to do my own template myself, I decided to exploit it for more skins. With patch 1.2 I...