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car tuner

  1. C

    Apps Assetto corsa car tuner

    HI, im using car tuner for lot of time now, but on cracked assetto corsa. Before 2 weeks i bought the game and i change the directory from disk C to disk H. And now my tuner says that he cant find C directory. How can i change the directory that the tuner wants?
  2. Formel 1 Motor in einem AUDI R8! | Assetto Corsa Car Tuner MOD

    Formel 1 Motor in einem AUDI R8! | Assetto Corsa Car Tuner MOD

    Die heute vorgestellte Mod ermöglicht es euch, jeden X-Beliebigen Motor, in jedes Auto in Assetto Corsa zu pflanzen. Dran glauben musste heute der Audi R8... Viel Spaß!
  3. borys sambor

    My summer car tuner satsuma experimental

    Hello I am give you me save in game My summer car subscribe me chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp1aBEAXMXWFxkQmVqObMRQ?view_as=subscriber
  4. S

    Cars Car Tuner, tyres question

    Hello everyone, I made a drift tune for one of my cars(the skoda octavia cup from here). I Think I have it dialed pretty good, it drifts nicely. The only problem is when the tyres get warm its like they are made of ice. I can literally slide it without even pressing accelerator, just turn the...