car model

  1. V

    Who can model a CAR for Assetto Corsa?

    Hi, which kind of data /3d content do you need, that you can model a new car für Assetto Corsa? How long will it need? I am looking forward for your answer. Kindly Oliver
  2. S

    Looking for car modder (Paid work)

    Hi, I'm looking help with changing an existing car model. Please contact me if you're interested as we're looking to complete this project as soon as possible. Thank you, Nick
  3. N

    Personal Car Mod, Textures not "Rendering" Properly

    Hey, I'm having issues with a personal mod I'm making. As you can see in the attachment, the car's body (normal ksPerPixelMultiMap) displays a simple gloss .dds regularly as it should without an AO map, but the fenders with the exact same, simple, MultiMap texture, come up as that flat green...
  4. fakez

    3D model of cars

    Not quite sure where to put this, but car thread seemed suitable. Admins; move if necessary to a more suitable forum. I want the right people looking in to this forum thread. Ever find your self needing a 3D model of a certain car, but not know where to go for it and who to ask? I do not want...